Thursday, March 12, 2009

Known Consequences

Today I went to my friend's job. We were just hanging around laughing and making jokes. Then I got bored for a second and punched her in the arm. She didn't do anything so I punched her again and again. When I stopped she put pressure somewhere on my neck/ shoulder area. It hurt really bad. I pleaded with her not to do it again and she chilled out. But I hit her again. This time I really pleaded with her to not to do what she did to my neck/shoulder area again because knowing the pain that was to come flashed back in my head. I said to her "God is merciful, He'll forgive, please don't do that again."

This is what we do to God. We do things knowing they are wrong and then we get punished. Then we go ahead and do it again knowing the consequences. Just because our God is merciful and all that good stuff doesn't mean we should take advantage.

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