Monday, March 9, 2009

You Are What You Eat

Some of the young ladies and I went over one of the older sister's house. We sat around and watched a movie and ate pepperoni and sausage pizza. When we were done she showed us her wedding tape and everybody started commenting on what was going on in her wedding, past weddings, their own weddings etc. Two people coming together in God is such a beautiful thing. She then wanted us to show us a tape of her life before she actually gave her full self over to God. She wasn't ashamed because her life is changed for the better and God brought her so far. She then said "that is why I praise God the way I do because he saved a wreth like me."

When we got to the end of the video she took interest in us. She went around the room asking "so, what are you in to?" She wanted to know if we used to have a past life like hers, if we were dating and the whole nine. I was taken away by the question because no one ever talked to us about that. A typical conversation about that type of stuff wouldn't be taken so seriously, we were told to wait or simply told don't do this because I've done it. As I thought about it, I began to appreciate the converstaion because it was so rare but sincere.

Before we left she prayed and the phrase "you are what you eat" dropped into my spirit. If we feed out spirit the things that are not of God then slowly but surely we will lose the sight of God. Things that occur in our lives won't be as clear as they were. But if we feed our spirit the things of God then life will be more clear and so much easier. We don't always like to eat what's healthy for us but it's a choice. We can eat what's good for us and be able to show off in our two-piece at the beach or we could be stuck in a one piece with a towel on.

I want to look good for the Lord so I'm trying to eat right!

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