Monday, March 30, 2009

A System of Dominance

I am usually bored in my Economics Race and Racism class. I feel that we talk race and we talk about racism but never race and racism together as one. I know both subjects are intertwined but I just don't see in depth like I think I should. Why would they dedicate a full semester to for only a few points? I don't know, but I am still trying to grasp a more full concept of race and racism in economics. (maybe going to office hours would

But today was an interesting class. We actually had a discussion. The professor was clarifying the article that was assigned for that class. The topic was "a system of dominance." As the discussion was going on, the professor and the class would minimally use Black people or White people when giving an explanation or example about racism. The term that was generally used was "group." So my mind began to think of Christians and God. That could be a group.

In the system of dominance, one group would basically try to suppress the other groups culture, teach the inferior group their own ways and segregate their group from the low-not-so-worthy group. This reminded me so much of Satan. He tries to suppress the Christian culture because culture is so important to ones identity. A person's identity makes them, them. And if a person loses the essence of their culture then they're identity is lost and thus they would look for a new one. After Satan gets into your mind and suppresses your identity he then tries to fill that empty space with his identity. Because you think you've found you, there is no turning back and they he really goes for the K.O. He then would segregate you from other Christians because when around other Christians he could lose you again to the Lord.

I am not quite sure why my mind does this to me. Every time something is brought up a story of God follows. Maybe it's to keep me on the right path. Who knows?

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